Inguinal hernia repair with the 3D dynamic scaffold ProFlor.

Video: Features, procedural steps and clinical data

Patient preparation and positioning for the intervention following the normal routine at surgeon’s preference.
The 3D dynamic scaffold ProFlor is delivered into the hernia orifice hernia through a forceps and released into the defect. At this stage the scaffold is released  inside the hernia opening where  expands and completely obliterates the orifice. No suture or fixation is needed to fasten the scaffold. Its self-retaining properties ensure the stability of the device inside the hernia gap.
After checking for correct positioning, the surgeon closes the wound as usual.

Benefits for the Patients

The advantages for the patients are:

  • Very high postoperative comfort. The 3D dynamic scaffold ProFlor does not cause the fibrotic scar tissue formation, typical of the conventional static implants and flat meshes. On the contrary, promotes within its structure the regeneration of healthy and well vascularised tissue, similar to the normal components of the abdominal wall.
  • The 3D dynamic scaffold ProFlor is fixation free, does not need to be fixed with suture points or stitches. This avoids the frequent complications related to suture point fixation, such as tissue tear, bleeding, hematoma infection or chronic pain.
  • The 3D dynamic scaffold does not shrink but definitely obliterates the hernia opening, promoting the ingrowth of a thick barrier.