The dynamic properties of the implant


The procedure in indirect inguinal hernia

Step 1: dissection of the hernia sack

Hernia sack dissected by dividing the adhesion brides from the spermatic cord structures

Step 2: hernia opening being prepared prior to deliver the dynamic implant

Hernia sack being ligated and cut short. Finger guided stump dissection of the posterior abdominal wall from the peritoneum

Step 3: delivering the dynamic implant and obliteration of the hernia opening

The dynamic implant is loaded in compressed fashion into the delivery device and afterwards released into the hernia opening. The 3D implant spontaneously expands and fully obliterates the hernia defect without need of fixation. Skin closure with total intradermal technique (no external stitches)

Step 3/a: schematic view of the op-site during the delivery of the dynamic implant

The dynamic implant is inserted within the hernia opening without impairment of the spermatic cord structures. The flat disc of the implant faces the peritoneal sheath.

The procedure in direct inguinal hernia

After returning back the hernia sack into the abdominal cavity, the dynamic implant is delivered into the hernia opening. The implant fully obliterates the hernia defect without being fixated.

Postoperative features of the dynamic implant:

fully compliant with the movements of the inguinal region